Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Frequently Ask Question

To purchase games on RoyaleZone, please ensure there is sufficient airtime credit / credit balance in your prepaid account or ensure your postpaid line is active during purchases. Also, make sure that your mobile is connected to the wifi with internet or mobile data during purchases. Note: You are advised to connect to the internet via WIFI if you are downloading huge filesize from RoyaleZone to avoid expensive data charges.

Carrier Billing

To purchase games from the RoyaleZone, please follow the guided steps displayed on the screen for making purchases. Ensure you have keyed-in the correct TAC / OTP (One Time Pin) correctly. If you are having difficulties purchasing the games, please contact us here and our customer service will guide you.

Download and Installation issues

Do not close the browser window "Your Purchase was Successful" upon making successful purchases, click on the button "Click here to download your purchase" to get your game. Note: Refrain from retrying or attempting to purchase or you will be charged again, please contact us here and enquire about your purchase.

The games you have purchased from RoyaleZone is attached to your old device IMEI ID and phone number, you may need to re-purchase the game from RoyaleZone again if you have changed to a new device.

You may search for your preferred game in RoyaleZone and re-download again however there will be charges for purchase again as it is pay per download model.

Please contact us here and enquire for assistance.

STEP ONE : Go to Settings > Security
• User's action: User needs to go to Settings > Security
• Remark: Some devices have different location for Security option, please search for Security under
• "Settings", "More", or "About Devices", on your device.

STEP TWO : Enabling "Unknown Sources Installation"
• User's action: User clicks on checkbox under "Unknown Sources" to enable installation of games.

• User selects game to purchase by clicking on "BUY GAME" button.

• User keys in mobile number and clicks on "PAY NOW".

STEP THREE (On PC Desktop / On WiFi only) :
• User keys in TAC and confirms TAC code received via SMS.

• User needs to click on "OK" to download file when prompt.
• User needs to allow browser to download the APK file to the mobile phone by clicking "OK" as shown in picture.
• Remedy: IF USER UNABLE to download or accidentally clicks on "CANCEL", user can retry by clicking "DOWNLOAD GAME" button again.
• After clicking on the "DOWNLOAD GAME" button, user needs to click on "OK" again.

• Download Process Started. Observe download progress.
• Users can find the downloaded file in app, or able to find it in the top pulldown notification on mobile.
• Upon clicking on the download icon, user will see the list of downloaded games under "Internet Download" tab or "Other Downloads".
• Warning: Do not click on "Clear list".

Technical Issues

Please restart your mobile phone and retry again. Make sure your handset has sufficient storage space to support the game. Please verify that your handset is an Android OS mobile phone before proceeding to purchase.

Refund Issues

When you submit your payment details, the RoyaleZone payment service will process authentication on carrier billing via telco and depending on the outcome of the authorisation request, you will see either a successful or failed message on screen which will confirm the result of your transaction.
A successful payment will also be confirmed by an sms. This sms will include the details of your purchase, which is a unique reference for your payment, and should be quoted on any correspondence with RoyaleZone. If you received more than one sms and you have only made one purchase, please contact us here and inform us that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. We will arrange a refund if necessary.

Please allow seven (7) to fourteen (14) working days for refund amount to be paid to your mobile phone number or refund back to your airtime if you are on prepaid line.