Knights Diamond

Category : Action
Version : 1.3.12




Hack And Slash Your Way To Treasure
If you love fighting your way through dark caverns and spooky castles, you will have tons of fun playing our Knight's Diamond game. Choose your warrior and enter the dungeons, but prepare for a serious battle. Legions of enemy skeletons stand between you and the precious diamond, so be prepared to hack them up with your mighty sword! If you can survive, you will reap a handsome reward.

Find The Knight's Diamond To Win
Even if you run, jump, and fight your way past the spike pits and floating platforms, you still can't move on to the next level if you don't have the diamond. So make sure to leave no chest unopened, even if you have to fight off greedy skeletons looking to steal your prize. As you move through the game, you will unlock stronger fighters and abilities to help you vanquish evil! Claim your rightful reward for glory and honor in Knight's Diamond!